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the life

I crossed seas, storms...moments stopped on a painting canvas, but free to move in space...
In my painting, I propose a world that communicates, a dynamic of cities, different atmospheres of places,
I transmit the delicious perception of colors, and forms of conviviality.
I am a women painter of happiness and of the joy of living !
One day my life was dislocated, hardships, à hurrican, occurred my life, my existence, my fundamentals,
watch and in whom I believed, everything rocked; everything happened there.
I talmost annihilated me and my work was felt...
Then I destrutured my creation with a collage phase. Impasting, torn elements.
The annihilation.
After an abstract period, I rebuilt myself, like scattered Lego’s, that fit together.
Today I’am stronger.
Is life not the best school ?
My work has landed; and in my paintings you can feel a calm, a fullness.
In this current period of a chaotic world where landmarks are falling a part, I try to bring what everyone needs :
“The magic of the moment, the freedom to dream...”

Each of us finds there a memory that belongs only to Him.